From the Founder

I was twenty when my life direction was irrevocably altered by a year’s study in China.

As one of the first students to study in China after the country began opening its doors in the early ‘80’s, I witnessed the struggle of a great many people vying to raise their standards of living. Issues of opportunity and alienation hit me hard: where was the room for justice, equality and the protection of natural resources in a country that had to contend with too many people and too few resources?

Years of seeking, work in classroom and experiential education, and sage advice from critical thinkers and mentors led me to conclude that I didn’t have to have the answers. I only had to ask the right questions. I found that asking questions in the presence of equally engaged, equally curious, and equally intrepid colleagues and students yielded a collective wisdom greater than anything I could come to on my own.

At Dragons, we don’t profess to have the answers. We do know that we become more knowledgeable, wiser and more impactful when we check our worldviews at the door, travel across borders and engage open-mindedly with people whose lives are dramatically different than our own. We know too that when people find a deep sense of purpose in the still, real moments of their lives, undistracted and supported by competent guides, they find a quiet peace in which they become sure of themselves and aware of their places in the world.



Chris Yager
Founder & Executive Director

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