From the Founder

For twenty-three years, Dragons’ has guided meaningful engagement with other cultures while facilitating experiences that allow participants to better know their abilities to affect positive change in a global context.

Like the students we work with, adults stand to gain profound perspective from deep and real encounters with dramatically different communities, in expertly guided, carefully crafted, small-group experiences. Unlike the students we work with – who can only begin to imagine their abilities to impact the world around them – adults have the experience, skill-sets and networks to be true change-agents.

Whether considering a trek deep into the Himalayas, a healing arts program in Southeast Asia, or an action-oriented course that considers issues of environmental change and cultural survival in the South Pacific, all adventurers, old and young, have one thing in common: a desire to reengage one’s curiosity. Dragons’ adult programs are designed to meet each participant’s desire to shake things up, find something wild, and reimagine what they can accomplish and what they can learn.

Please let us know what you would like to do on your next great adventure. We’d like to build a program around your goals and interests. We are currently developing a number of programs, from two-week epicurean adventures to arts programs to history and culture journeys. When our programs are published in mid-February, we would love to start a conversation with you regarding your participation.

We thank you filling out our survey, and we look forward to your sharing with you a future journey of delight and discovery.



Chris Yager
Founder & Executive Director
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