Why Dragons

Where There Be Dragons is the leader in cross-cultural education, fostering leadership, self-exploration and global citizenship since 1993.

What we believe

We believe that authentic cross-cultural engagement builds empathy and understanding across borders. Intentional travel experiences have the power to divorce us from the rhythms of daily life and help us cultivate the skills and perspective to engage as a more realized versions of ourselves.

What we do

We offer adults an opportunity to re-connect with curiosity and re-engage with global community. Our 10-14 day itineraries take travelers to the map’s edge and immerse them in a holistic exploration of place and of self.

How we Do it

Veteran Dragons Instructors build immersive course itineraries based on personal contacts and a specific focus of inquiry. We travel in small groups, with a 4:1 traveler-to-instructor ratio; this keeps our groups agile and allows us to manage responsive itineraries.

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Letter from the Founder