Learning Outcomes

What are your goals as an educator?

All of us in the world of global education know firsthand the incredible potential for learning that comes with travel – it’s why we do this work. Authentic travel experiences teach us not only about other places and peoples, but also give us profound perspectives on ourselves and where we come from. Over many years, Dragons has distilled the desired learning outcomes for its programs down to three core values:

  •  Global Citizenship
  •  Leadership & Skill-building
  •  Self-Exploration

In designing every Dragons course and planning every program component, we keep these learning outcomes at the forefront. On a Global Educator course, through guided discussions, thought-provoking activities, and personal reflection, participants are able to clarify their own core values and articulate the learning outcomes they envision for their students. This is the first step in designing authentic, transformative global programming. From here, we can begin to think about the details: program components, facilitation strategies, course flow, and risk management.