Our Core Values

There are three core values at the heart of every Dragons program.

Profound travel experiences often provide a strong mirror for the lives we live at home. Dragons instructors are prepared to guide reflective conversations, helping students to better understand themselves and to realize their full potential. Dragons’ core values are at the center of this self-discovery process.
On course, students should expect to build critical skills in:

Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship

Connect across cultures to discover the world, and your place within it.

Icon - Self Exploration


Ask questions to learn more about your values.

Icon - Leadership

Leadership & Skill-building

Find your voice among a new group of peers. Gain confidence as a responsible, self reliant traveler.

Dragons’ core values are integrated into daily life on course. Whether you’re asked to book bus tickets for the group or translate from Spanish to English during a speaker presentation, you’ll be offered daily opportunities to develop new skills and strengthen your abilities as a leader and a global citizen.

Program Components