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Xishuangbanna Excursion Itinerary

For our final excursion before we leave Kunming at the end of April, we have decided to go to Xishuangbanna, a Dai minority autonomous prefecture in the very south of Yunnan province. We’ll be staying there three days, arriving Saturday morning after a night bus from Kunming and returning Tuesday morning after having taken a return night bus. Below is our intended itinerary. We can’t wait to go and experience Xishuangbanna!

Friday March 18th:

Meet at the South Bus Station at 8pm having already eaten a 20 yuan stipend dinner. Depart from the station at 10PM.

Saturday March 19th:

Arrive at Xishuangbanna at 9AM. Take the bus from Jinghong to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Gardens. Spend the night at a small hostel outside of the park in Menglun village. Lecture on the Dai Minority by Natalie and Linda Saturday night.

Sunday March 20th:

Either A) Hike to Mangdian Waterfall through contact at the Meimei Café in Jinghong,  B) Visit the Single-Tree Forest in Daluo Town (home to a 230-foot-tall banyan tree!) outside of Jinghong. C) Check out the Manfeilong Village outside of Jinghong. Couple of hours personal time in the afternoon. Spend the night at the Hello Guest House in Jinghong.

Monday March 21st:

Scavenger hunt and reflection activity in Jinghong in the morning, optional trip to Dahuosi Temple in Jinghong in the afternoon. Approximately 10pm bus back to Kunming to arrive on Tuesday morning in the city.

Love from Bridge Year China