Who am I

to be declared a burden

on my family?


Who am I

to be denied to right

to read and write?


Who am I

to be offered to a strange man

married, a wife

while my hair still is tied

in two soft braids?


Who am I

to have no say

in the children I carry

in the mouths I must feed?


Who am I

to be banished like livestock

to a shed away from home


me and my newborn child?


Who am I

to stand no chance

in calling this land my own?


Who am I

to live under another’s hand

submissive and unheard?


Who am I

but a Woman?


Many thanks to Aruna Opriety, a Nepali woman specializing in women’s health, for coming to speak to us this past Friday.  She is an inspiration in her fight for women’s rights.