It´s amazing how quickly Tiquipaya has and become a home to me. From long walks home down cobble roads under stunning hills with picture perfect sunsets. To laughing until my cheeks hurt around the dinner table with my homestay family, this land and its people have found a place in my heart rather swiftly. My hosts are quick to laugh, even quicker to serve fresh food, and slow to judge. The children and animals are bubbling over with life and provide constant heart warming and entertainment. Upon my arrival on October 1st I was unbelievably nervous to stay so long with a family. Now I find myself shocked at how quickly the time has passed, and how sad I am to say goodbye. Over the past month, especially the past two weeks, my views and thoughts of the world and myself have transformed drastically. My appreciation and understanding of other cultures has grown, as has my realization how how much I love and cherish my home in Colorado. Talks at the wonderfully calming Dragons house have shown me a whole new side of education that I have never seen before. Learning about bolivian history, culture, and politics has  helped paint a clearer picture of the new world I´m currently in. The knowledge I have gained has proved for interesting conversations which have shown me even more opinions and views. The talks on Development and globalization have shown me a new side of the United States that I never would have learned in history class back home. Its stunning how much is sheltered from us, and has provided a great amount of food for thought. Challenging ideas and learning now has more incentive than just a letter grade, it is now a way of understanding and plugging into the world as well as my own mind and soul. Things I once accepted as fact or paid no mind to, I now find myself ever questioning. I find myself now searching for new ideas, different perspectives, and thoughts deeper and unlike any before. For once I have time and energy to process all of these thoughts and ideas. This is mostly due to not having a having a phone. Which at first was a great annoyance, I often found myself longing to fill my time with it´s pointless entertainment. However as time has progressed technology has loosened its tight grip on my brain and i now can finally experience the world around me as it should be perceived. Sleeping 11 hours a night is also a refreshing change of pace. Late night netflix binges have been replaced by getting lost in books and ideas before I sleep. Which in turn have opened a world of vivid and crystal clear dreams to me. As my time wraps up in Tiquipaya I find myself a changed person and ever grateful of this unknown adventure I´m on. The road now leads to Peru and the thought of the great unknown that it holds there has me eager to travel on.