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The Majestic Hills of Northern Thailand

This afternoon at 4pm, I received a call from the group as they stood atop Doi Pui, the highest mountain in the Mae Hong Son province. This is the only place on their trek in which they will have cell phone reception. Doi Pui is a stunning mountain. It has been the center of a debate on development and the village of Huay Hee where the students are staying has worked consistently to keep the mountain in its natural state, rather than paving a road to the top.

I’ve hiked to the top of Doi Pui and I truly wish I could have been with the group today to experience the incredible views with the warm hearted Karen people who guided them there. The trek is a special portion of our trip. Students will certainly be challenged both physically and mentally. The will also work together to create a powerful and memorable experience. It is mushroom season in the mountains and their families will stir fry fresh shitake mushrooms with green vegetables picked from the garden.

Tomorrow the students will spend the day with their families and on Thursday, they will hike to the beautiful Huay Tong Koh village where they will learn blacksmithing and weaving.

Our trip to the Huay Puling region of the north is always a special time and it serves as a gateway as the perspective of the students begins to change as they are introduced to a vibrant people.

We should hear from the group again on July 10 and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated then.

Till then, safe travels…

The Thailand Leader Team