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Student Travel Itinerary

As we wrap up our enchanting recharge week in the Himalaya foothill town of “Lashi Hai,” Bridge Year China departs on our first week of entirely student-directed travel. Below are our upcoming plans!

Saturday 2/13 – 7:00 AM departure from Lashihai on a bus from Lijiang, the neighboring city and China’s largest domestic tourist site. We’ll arrive around lunchtime at Qiao Tou, the base of our hike on the Tiger Leaping Gorge, and arguably Yunnan’s most well-renowned trek.

Sunday 2/14 – Eight hour hike along the Gorge, ending at a homey hostel for a good night’s rest.
Monday 2/15 – Wednesday 2/17 – Drive back to Qiao Tou to pick up our bags, then turn around for a bus ride to Shangrila. We’ll spend the next couple of days soaking up China’s most heavenly site, hoping to stay warm and catch a glimpse of the region’s magical monkeys and snow covered peaks.

Thursday 2/18 – Sunday 2/21 – Thursday morning drive to Deqin, Yunnan’s Tibetan border region. While there, we’ll embark on a glacier hike and visit Feilai Si, a Tibetan tourist site and monestary. We’re also toying around with the idea of hiking Baima Xueshan, or the White Horse Snow Mountain, which is home to hundreds of China’s endangered species. On Sunday night, we’ll take a 16-hour long night bus back to Kunming.

Wish us luck on our adventures, and have a happy happy Year of the Monkey!
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