Stuck at home

Its about 6 pm, all of us have already split up into our individual homestay families, and
im sitting here attempting to have dinner with mine.
That had to be for sure the longest half hour of my life, between the mom asking if I wanted
something, the 3 year old girl grabbing food of my plate, and the 7 year old boy mixing
foods together, I was trying to feed my self with what was surprisinly good food.
At that specific moment, all I was thinking about was my self and my own state of
But after that incredibly uncomfortable afternoon, I took a different approach to the my
homestay. I integrated my self mindfully, asking my self questions like, Why do they do
this? Why do they like this? And most importantly, why don’t I do these things?
But I was more interested in the consequences of their, daily lives and habits.
Due to Chinese abilities (or lack of thereof) I was unable to learn the names of my brothers
and sisters, so I just named the 7 year old boy Pang, and the 3 year old girl Ping.
But anyway, I was interested in what are the consequences of their lifestyles on Ping and
Pang, and after some reflection I arrived at a very sad conclusion, they are going to repeat
what they parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on and so forth have done.
Although I see the value in keeping this tradition alive I am also very saddened of the
consequences this will have for them.
Of course they might live a happy and full life and this might just be me playing devil’s
advocate, but it really fills my heart with grief to know that Pang and Ping will never
travel outside China or even their own village, they probably won’t even come this far to
Dali where I am writing this from.
It’s not up to me to define happiness or what is good or bad for them, but I really wish that
they could see more of the world than just mud houses and half paved roads.
I might be wrong and this entire yak might just be BS, in fact I hope it is. But still it’s a
very hard and harsh reality they live from this side of the mirror.