Yesterday when sitting with our Indian "Sisters" painting nails and making friendship bracelets, my sister had to go practice her dancing for the annual celebration for the school. After she left many girls came up and wanted to have their nails painted with the sparkly nail polish that I brought. After a while all I saw were hands and nails not even the faces. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t be spending the time with my sister like all the other girls in my group were. When she came back and came running to sit in front of me with a giant smile on her face, I was instantly happy. She sat down in front of me and indicated that she wanted me to paint her nails too. After I painted her nails, she braided my hair, and I showed her how to take pictures on my camera, I asked her if she wanted to have the nail polish. Her entire face lit up and she said with a breathless voice "Really?!?"… I realized then how close and connected you could get with someone even without knowing the same language because at that moment all I wanted was to give her that nail polish if that was going to make her happy. Because I don’t need that nail polish but the fact that it made her so amazed that she was going to be able to keep it and call it hers really made my heart melt because making her happy made me happy. I don’t think I have ever experienced that with someone who I have only basically just met. This connection that I feel with her is something lasting and special and I hope it lasts forever.