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Seeing the Full Picture

At Los Quinchos kids are taught self-love, as well as openness and love for others.  When we first met the kids they each individually came up to us and either high fived, fist bumped, or hugged us, without even knowing who we were.  Later when we watched them practice their instruments in the street, they immediately came to us and eagerly offered  to teach us how to play their instrument. These kids who grew up in beyond imaginable, horrific situations, were given another chance at life.

Throughout our time at Los Quinchos kids of all ages would come up to us, and hug us, or sit on our laps. These little acts of affection were so sweet and set the kids at Los Quinchos apart from kids that one would see at almost any other organization,  and quite frankly from any other place in the world.   Seeing the kids as they are now, so open and talented (they perform in a circus) makes it near to impossible to believe that they were ever on the streets.

Seeing the full picture in this situation was and still is extremely difficult.  Carlos told us about the living situation on the streets , and about what the kids go through.  We were not able to go to the market in Managua where most of the kids who are in the program come from because it is such a dangerous place to be, even for just a few hours.  The transition that these kids are able to make would be incredible if it was only leaving the streets behind for a home where they have to follow rules and go to school.  Los Quinchos goes so above and beyond other organizations, to not only transform the physical situation for these kids  but also somehow taps into their natural resilience in order to change their entire spirit and mentality, resulting in amazing kids.