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Preparation for Ladakh

Greetings Everyone, or as you will all be greeted shortly in Ladakh, ‘Jullay’!

Thank you for being patient as we work to re route our program to Ladakh. We are excited about the program we have planned and appreciate your flexibility and understanding. Ladakh is an extraordinary place and in many ways we are fortunate to be relocating there.

Most of the components of the program will be the same as what we had planned in Nepal, although we will see far less rain and trees. Ladakh offers us the opportunity to explore some of the highest inhabited land in the world, dramatic desert landscapes and mountains, and the extraordinary people who have made that area their home. Since my first trip with a group in 1998, I have taken many groups to Ladakh and all have been captivated by the landscape and its people. Much like the highland people of Nepal, Ladakhis are honest warm hearted people whose hospitality will astound you. Kristin has already written a nice introduction to Ladakh, so I will leave the rest for you to discover for yourselves.

After a spectacular flight into Leh, the capital of Ladakh, we will spend our first day resting as we acclimatize to an elevation of over 11,000ft. This process will take several days and we will spend our first few days getting oriented as we meet with locals and visit the monasteries and other sights around Leh. We will then drive 185 km west to our village stay in Domkar where we will stay with farming families in a dramatic rural setting. This is the home village of our guide Namgial, who will be joining us and arranging our homestays. Please take the time to read Namgial’s introduction. He is wonderful person who we are very fortunate to have with us. We will join our families in their daily routine of farming and will also work in the school teaching English. Throughout this time we will be acclimatizing for our trek which will take us for 5 days from Spituk through remote Himalayan valleys and nomadic encampments, up over 16,000 ft passes, to Chilling and then back to Leh in time to fly back to Delhi and home.

Ladakh is said to be one of the few places in the world where you can get frostbite and a sunburn at the same time. At that elevation the sun is very strong, but temperatures can plummet overnight and it could even snow on our trek. It is important to bring warm layers and a warm sleeping bag (0 degrees), down jacket, gloves and hat.

Rest assured that we have a fantastic journey planned. Safe travels and please don’t hesitate to be in touch! I am looking forward to meeting all of you in Delhi airport shortly!