After spending 3 enriching days in Leh, (an area well known for its Lhamos and people travel great distances to see them) the Nueva group is heading off to a small village named Domkhar today.

Domkhar village is 118 km west of Leh and will be group’s home for the next 5 days. The village is well off of the ‘beaten travel path’ the group will not have internet access during their. They will only have limited access to phones.

After their arrival to Domkhar, 2 students will be paired up with a homestay family who will be their hosts for the duration of their stay. Evenings will be spent with families, but students will spend the majority of days with their group engaging with the greater community and volunteering at the local school.

The group will be heading out on a trek right after their stay in Domkhar. At the moment the Instructors are still deciding if they will leave directly from the village or take an alternative route. We will keep you posted regarding their plans before they leave for their majestic hike.

All is well and everyone is enjoying discovering this magical place. Please keep following the Yak board to hear more from the field.

All the best from the Dragons Admin, Julay!