It’s been two weeks since I left for Myanmar and the experiences have been unbelievable. Everyday is a gift and I am glad I get to spend a month of my summer with these amazing people. My first experience was visiting the Monastic school in Mandalay. Dozens of kids ran up to us asking our names and wanting our autographs! The happiness on their faces made me so happy. I loved learning about the education system and the history of the school. This made me think of how I take school for granted. I wait all year for summer but these kids crave education.

The best experience by far was my home-stay. We trekked many miles through beautiful hills filled with many different crops.This peaceful place allowed me to think about my goals for this trip. I spent the next few days teaching my home-stay sister some English words, walking water buffalo, and picking their crops. Everyone I have met so far has made an impact on my life. Their generosity is very special and something I will never forget. I’m ready for the next two weeks. I’m going to make the most  out of it!