Greetings everyone!

I write you from Cusco– where we are breathing in our last hours of Peru before departing to Bolivia, where we will spend our remaining days together sqeezing in last-minute hugs, conversations, presentations and learnings.

It has been a magical past few weeks. There is really no other way to describe it. Here are some of my favorite memories…

Being guided by moonlight and the Southern Cross, a group of us walked softly through the Peruvian Amazon at Los Amigos late one evening with our guide, Cesar. A light breeze, the sounds of crickets, an occasional owl. A low fog and tall grass as carpet, I could not imagine a more spectacular place.

Sitting in a circle on a hard-wood floor, candles lit in the center. It was time for a life story– a few hours in length– to be told by one member of the group. We have been sharing our life stories with each other and have completed just over half as I write this note– another scheduled for this evening. These are my favorite minutes of the day; listening to and getting to know someone in the group a bit deeper. A sacred experience that I will cherish for years to come.

Walking towards the sacred snow-capped peak of Ausungate, our group accompanied by horse, drum and flute. We walked on– on our own pilgrimage– not only in the presence of this magical mountain and land, but the people who call this area home.

The Nacion Q’ero is one of the most magical and amazing places I have ever been. Our days there are truly some of the brightest memories I hold from the past few months– and I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in this sacred place that Brett so eloquently talked of in his latest writing. It was a place and a few days I will never forget.

Seeing the absolute joy on the faces of every member of our group as eyes opened to see JB amongst us was such a special moment. It is so good to have him back with us! Thankyou JB’s family!!!

Sitting high up on a rock just yesterday– starring down at Machu Picchu and the surrounding land is an experience I will never forget. A group of us took a few extra hours, climbing many more stairs, and shared some photo moments and comfortable silence that were the highlight of my day. What a beautiful and mystical place we were so fortunate to visit.

I hope these words find you well!

Have a wonderful day,