Things we lost:

. daily showers

. our ipods

. our warm beds

. our friends and family (only for a month)

. our favorite foods

. our comfort zones

. our cell phones

. movies

Things we found:

. singing our favorite songs instead of hearing them

. appreciation for those we love so much

. a stronger stomach (some of us)

. the knowledge that our comfort zone is whatever we make it

. talking with our mouths not our fingers

. the ability to rock the ¨havn´t showered in a week¨ look

. Sights and memories that rival the most graphic of films

I guess what I´m trying to convey is that this trip was HARD, there were many things that I missed and many hardships to overcome. But I wouldn´t have it any other way because by losing so much, I gained So much more. Peru hasleft a mark on my soul (and stomach) and I will never let it go.

THANK YOU to all who have supported me through this journey I LOVE YOU ALL see you soon!