The prospect of trying to manage a new culture so different from our own, plus integrating into our home stay families can seem very overwhelming. On top of this one might also be worried about the language barrier making things even more difficult. However, when I arrived at my home stay home last night I actually found my lack of Nepali a little frusterating at times but for the most part a bonding tool. If my host mother or sister and I were lacking things to say they were always quick to teach me a new Nepali word or phrase. Often times I would say it wrong or spell it incorrectly and this made for a funny situation that we could all laugh about. Also, now they enjoy quizzing me to see what I have remembered. With language I don’t always have the best retention so once again we are able to find humor in the situation when I’ve written a word down and forgot it in the next thirty seconds. This morning was especially special as my host dad (baba) told me last night that starting today no one would speak English to me. He was only partly joking as when I headed off to the bathroom this morning he waited for me to sleeply fumble with the Nepali words for good morning that he had taught me the night before. Also this morning my Ama (host mom) taught me the words for all the ingredients of my tea and breakfast. Later, my baba joined me for a formal Nepali lesson with an actual text book my host brother had used years before. All of this compiled with a highly informative and well taught group Nepali lesson in the program house today has helped to broaden my connections with the city and all the people I have met and will meet along the way.