In India I feel like every moment is special. From sitting in an internet cafe and listening to baliwood music to the smell all around us to sleeping on a spare tire in the back of a truck to doing hena with your new Indian sister. Every moment is magnefied and I think will be burned into my mind forever. The colors and the sounds make you feel happy and sad at the same time. I am so happy to have gotten this experience because every single person I have met have been amazing. The boy in the internet cafe playing Indian music with us, the flower lady on the street, the motorcycle guy with sunglasses who followed us for a while, to my sister. Every single one of them have been fantastic. I love the generosity here like the guy who offered for me to sit on the one millimeter of space next to him because he noticed I was very uncomfortable standing with a heavy backpack on a squished train for 45 min. Its amazing andI can’t wait to come back!!!!!