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Instructor Introduction


My apologies for the lateness of this introduction, but I am currently in the mountains of NE India leading a course for NOLS and thus will be joining you a little late.

I can’t say I’m not sad that the course has been rerouted from Nepal to Ladakh, as I was excited to share my country and culture with you, but India is an amazing country and the experiences and adventures we will have, will no doubt impact on you for the rest of your lives. It will be unparalleled!!!!!!

To leave behind the comfortable and familiar to face something unknown takes courage – you have my utmost respect for taking that step. I can still remember the fizz of excitement alongside the dread of the unknown the first time I headed west. Will the people be welcoming? Will I like the food? Will I find my way around? How different is the culture? Just some of the questions buzzing around my head, but I found, as I hope you will, that an open mind and heart can lead to the start of an adventure that has the ability to last a lifetime. And yes, my first experience of full-on western culture left me yearning for more adventures, both at home and abroad.

As my desire to spread my wings, experience different cultures and wide open spaces became more urgent I headed off to the USA to see just how it did mountains and wilderness. I shall never forget the first bear I saw, the majesty of the elk migration, and the shear size of the American great outdoors. But a large part of my heart always stayed back in the Himalayas, and this is why I am so thrilled and honoured to be given the opportunity to introduce you to a snapshot of the culture and majesty within this amazing region, to travel with you on your journey of exploration and to see the same wonder in your eyes that still looks back at me as I continue on my quest for adventure, learning and greater understanding.

Enjoy the first few days of your journey and I look forward to meeting up with you all in India!

Take care, be excited, and see you all very soon!

Amrit Ale