The remaining members of Team Myanmar are all in the air and had a smooth departure from Bangkok in the wee hours this morning. They flew to Kuala Lumpur first and are now en route to Tokyo, where they have a layover of several hours together before red-eyeing it to LAX. Despite some nervousness about reintegrating back at home soon, everyone is in good spirits and healthy.

Myanmar is such a unique place due to its isolation over so many decades, and re-entering Thailand last night was a bit of a jolt to us all. Students have already remarked on the culture shock they’re feeling as they approach the fast-paced, hectic and sometimes materialistic modern world after a month of opening their eyes to the world, being immersed in tranquility, detoxing from technology, and spending a whole lot of time in quiet villages, mountains and monasteries.

Parents, if you’ll be welcoming one of the Myanmar students home soon, be mindful of the magnitude of the transition they’ll be undergoing as they travel and readjust to a busier way of life. Offer spaciousness, groundedness and give them time. They have many stories to share and are trying to figure out how to convey all the Myanmar magic they have witnessed – how to translate their experiences into anecdotes, new ways of interacting, and new ways of seeing life at home.

Thank you all for being patient with our lack of communication and very limited email access this past month. We deeply appreciate your trust in the process that we instructors have tried our best to offer.