Dear Friends and Families of the Archer group,

I am writing to let you all know that after 5 days at PPES, the students bid farewell to their new friends, and caught a VERY early morning train to Rishikesh, one of India’s most sacred cities.

They arrived midday and are now checked in to Swami Veda’s peaceful ashram for the next few days. Renowned as a center for the study of yoga and eastern philosophy, this a great place for the group to slow down and really process the many things they have witnessed and learned about in the past week. For the next few days, they will be studying Indian philosphy, meditation, and doing some outings in this magical city which sits on the banks of the most sacred river in India – the Ganges.

The internet connection in the rural setting of PPES was very poor, so they were unable to post as many notes as they would have liked. We should have more reliable connections in Rishikesh, and look forward to hearing from them directly, soon.

For now, rest assured they have arrived and are happily settling in to this next chapter.

Best regards,

Jamie Woodall