“How We Travel” is a collaborative video project featuring the work of Dragons’ students, educators, and partner communities worldwide. It was filmed in 15 countries on 4 continents by more than 100 contributors. Every Dragons course is a unique adventure built on a carefully considered set of Program Components. For an intimate window into the Dragons Experience, and a comprehensive look at our Program Components, please watch and enjoy.

This video draws from Dragons’ Summer, Semester, Gap-Year, College-accredited, and School Partnership programs worldwide. Dragons students and instructors recorded all of the images, words, and music in the field, with help and inspiration from local communities. Our relationship with local communities is an integral component of the Dragons experience, as families share their homes, temples, villages, music, and wisdom with our students, and through them, with the world.

Mateo-Hinojosa Woven Path Media
Video produced by Woven Path Media.

Mateo Hinojosa
(Latin America Instructor)

MUSIC arrangement, production, keyboards and co-mixing:
Art Vandelay (James Whalen)
(Andes and Amazon 2010 Student)

IMAGES (in order of appearance) recorded by
Mateo Hinojosa – Republic of California, Bolivia, India, Tibet, China, Nepal, Peru
Caleb Brooks – Cambodia, Laos, China
Aaron Slosberg – Indonesia
Stew Motta – Burma, China, India
Juan Salvador Galich – Guatemala
Kara Wong – Burma
Amrit Ale – Nepal
McKay Barrow – Silk Road, China
Allanna Hearn – Morocco
Jamie Persons – Rwanda
Ariana DeToro-Forlenza – Rwanda
Sarah Hay – Jordan
Nate Marcus – Jordan
Adrian Tasistro Hart – Senegal
Japhy Dhungana – Nepal
William Foster-Hallet – Tibet
Annelies Hamerlinck – Peru
Jesse Millett – Cambodia

Sami Burke – SE Asia Mekong semester student
Emily Braucher – Africa instructor, staff
Adrian Smith – Himalayas instructor
Babacar Mbaye – Senegal instructor
Cody Barnes – SE Asia Mekong semester student
Chloë Larkin – China south of the Clouds semester student
Tim Hare – Latin America instructor
Josh Morris – Thailand instructor
Chris Yager – Founder and Director
Yun-Yun Li – China Princeton bridge year student

Vocals and instrumentation of traditional folk song – Kutumba (Nepal)
Drums – Villagers of Cyenkwanzi (Rwanda)
Bells – muleteers (China)

Guitar – Charles Nunziato (student, Himalayan Studies Fall 2012)
Rhodes keyboard – Art Vandelay
Bass drum – Alap (Nepal)
Clapping – village of Ban Xieng Man (Laos)

Guitar – Ian Tatum (US)
Sitar and Tabla – Ravindra Goswami, Ram Chandra Pandit, Narendra Mishra, Kishore Mishra (India)
Violin – Swami Chandresh (Nepal)
Water drum – the Baka people (Cameroon)

Andean Quena Flute – Luis “Tintín” Vásquez (Bolivia)
Drums and melody – Kutumba, “Utpatti” and “Pariwartan” (Nepal)
Drums – Drishthi Bheda dance troupe (India)

Mandolin – Ian Tatum (US)
Vocals, clapping – India Fall 2012 students and Matthew Collaciello Williams
Water jug – Art Vandelay

Drums – Senegal Princeton Bridge Year students, Mamoudou Ndiaye
Rhodes keyboards – Art Vandelay
Bai stringed instrument – Bai festival at Shibaoshan (China)
Diamond Plate and Om Pendant – Varanasi Jeweler (India)
Drums – Drum troop in Butare (Rwanda)

Charango – David Garcia Montenegro (Bolivia)
Clapping – village of Ban Xieng Man (Laos)
Vocals – Eva Horner (student, India Fall 2012)
Drums – devotees at the MahaBodhi temple (India)
Bells – Puja on the Ganges, Varanasi (India)


Henry Casserly
Jamie Whalen
Kevin Collis
Luis Pedro Hurtarte
Sarah Paragamian
Jane Dowd

Jack Betz
Catherine Von Holt
Mara Pho

Eliza Browning
Alexis Cheney
Evan Gastman
Jihelah Greenwald
William Hallett
Chloe Larkin
Eli Rosenthal
Talia Brooks-Salzman
Rachel Chen
Justin Kierskey
Sara Galvin
Stew Motta

Matthew Collaciello-Williams
Elizabeth Johnson
Eva Horner
Lucky Jackson
Cecelia Jeffrey
Eleanor Tremayne
Elizabeth Teach
Thomas Denenberg
Sean Fentress
Julia Reichard
Scout Vernon
Naya Herman
Lauren Harper
Eliza Culhane
Emily Armstrong

Cody Barnes
Sampor Burke
Henry Copeland
Sola Farquhar
Thacher Hoch
Lindsey Kelley
Benjamin Pratt
Allyson Quigley
Oliver Rock
Caleb Brooks
Sarah Galvin
Jesse Millett

Amrit Ale
Germaine Bartlett-Graff
Jamie Persons
Emmanuel Dukundane
Ariana DeToro-Forlenza
Isabel Castellanos
Bermeley Ferreras
Finn Freymann
Oumourumana Jalloh
Gerardo Jauregui
Calum McGuckin
Dilsy Mendez
Alice Woods

Abigail Gellman
Stanley Mathabane
Jeremy Rotblat