Its a lonely La Paz and all three instructors are back in Maro´s grandma´s houses. We are exhausted but we pull ourselves out of bed to hit up the Api and Pastel stand and we hear Suma´s voice saying "next time I´m going to eat three Pastels." We miss you guys already… we are constantly struck by bouts of laughter as we process through the post course paper work. What an incredible course we had, full of rugged adventure and deep reflection. We are working hard on all this paperwork but enjoying a big box of cookies…thanks Ben´s mom – they are so delicious. Sorry guys, but we are thinking of you as we stuff our faces with endless chocolate chips. For all of us it was a truly profound journey. We want to say thank you so much, each one of you. Congratulations on what you have accomplished (although it maybe hard to see now) you have all grown. Your spirits have shot out like a blooming Agave tree. Please remember you have each other during these first few days (the hardest days) of your re’entry shock. Remember your Pacha promise and all the people you encountered along the way. Remember David´s violin, and Narda´s energy. Remember the condors and the shushupe. Remember the heavy rain and the big hot sun. Remember skeletor and Chupes. We will miss you guys but we are still here, so remember us… write us or post a yak. We are still here to listen and smile with you. Que lindo!!! We hope a smooth reéntry for all of you… much love from the instructor team,Maro, Erin and Pan