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How Am I Supposed To Fit Everything In My Bag?

so i have been slacking badly on my yaks so mom i apologize. Also Sonjj and Nedward don’t hate me for cutting off connection for a solid 3 weeks. today is our last day in Myanmar and i am in denial that our month is coming to an en….i cant even say it. this month has been something i will never forget. i have met the most amazing people, seen the most things, and had some amazing coconut buns. i have never experienced anything like this and i probably never will again but once is enough for me because the lessons that i have learned on this trip will last me for a lifetime. I have made a Myanmar family with my crazy loud group and together we have experienced life changing lessons. its crazy to think that 4 weeks ago we were all strangers carrying around our first impressions and judgements of each other as we all sweated through the multiple plane rides. little did we know the smell that we had accumulated on the plane rides were only the start of a sweat and dirt filled trip. the shoes that were once white are now brown and the legs that were once hairless are now coats. And despite all this we still think that clean laundry is a reality in this country.but in all seriousness i feel confident in saying that this trip has been an inspiration to us all. seeing the people here smile despite all the oppression has made me consider what is really valuable and important in life. these people who have little access to education, no plumbing, and very limited health care work hard, don’t complain, and are some of the happiest people i have ever met. Maybe its the fresh air or possibly the squat toilets that give them this contagious energy but regardless it is something that i have never experienced in the states.  the transition home will  be interesting and maybe even difficult but i am excited to see my friends and family. i am going out to enjoy my last moments in Myanmar. See you soon!!!