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Group ready to depart in Guangzhou

Good news! The group is now in Guangzhou and ready to board their original flight to LA, China Southern #327, which was delayed, allowing them time to catch it.

#327 is now scheduled to depart Guangzhou at 10:40 PM, 8/8 local time and arrive in LA at 9:04 PM, 8/8 local time (about 90 minutes later than their originally scheduled arrival). After reviewing onward travel information from LA (for students) we don’t anticipate that the delayed arrival in LA will prevent any students from catching their flights onward and home.

For the most current updates on flights, we recommend: flightaware.com

If you have any urgent travel questions, please call the Dragons Travel Line at 303-921-6078.

Wishing the group a safe arrival in LA and smooth travel onward.

-Dragons Administration