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Earthquake Relief and Support in Nepal

The recent earthquakes in Nepal have been a devastating and heartbreaking experience for so many people across the region and those who have close friends and family in the Himalayas right now.  All Dragons students, instructors, and staff in-country are safe and without injury. However, thousands of others are in difficult circumstances.
For those of you who have asked to how you can contribute to the effort of relief and rebuilding in Nepal, there are many ways to do so.  We had initially posted here a few reliable organizations who are all present on the ground and working hard to help:
In addition, however, here are a few other links to ways you can do your own research, inform yourselves, and think more holistically about what it means to live in a world that is interconnected to much larger issues.
For research on responsible giving, and on how organizations use aid resources, please visit:
For an insightful and wise perspective on folks who are rushing to help, we also recommend an article on The Guardian by Claire Bennett, our Nepal Course Director and long-time Dragons staff:
From all of us here at Dragons, we are sending our love and support to everyone in Nepal during this extraordinarily difficult time.
With care,
Dragons administration