hola! so we just spent 5 nights in the ausangate range. so amazing. the climate diffrerence between ausangate and the amazon was extremely different. at night, it was frigid, but in the day time, the sun was so hot, despite the cold wind. we hiked an averageof 8 hours a day. we summited 3 passes. us, students, naviagated the whole trek. we hadnt realized that we reached the first pass, until we stopped and examined the map for about 10 mintutes. we ate lunch at a beautiful lake that day. the next day, we we had some naviagtional problems, and thought we were much closer to the pass than we really were. we reached the top of a hill and realized we needed to hike down that hill, then walk up a huge hill to reach the pass. it was so steep. when we reached the top, we were at 17,000 feet, more than half of everest. the next day, we thought we had the hardest day behind us, but we were sorely mistaken. we had anoher pass to climb, along with a 4 hour walk after summit. it hailed on us on the way up. we thought we reached the pass about 4 different times. we got down, and the next day got to sleep in a bit, eventhough i was so used to waking up early that i woke up at 630. we went to the hot springs. ausangate is so beautiful, i learned a lot about it from the guides we were with. we were walking in hot weather right next to a huge glacier. it was so beautiful. i had a great time. now we are in cusco where i am psyched to shower, but will miss the camping.