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Another rainy night in Darjeeling

The rain pours but I don’t mind. It means I’m here. In lovely Darjeeling. With an amazing group of 6 kids. Today we hiked down to Pandam tea garden, learned about the tea-making process, ate a lovely rice and lentil lunch at a little tucked away spot, and most of all, enjoyed each other’s company (we have some cheesy pictures to prove it!)

Sarah booked us a ride on the Toy Train for tomorrow (Wednesday) then we gather with our families and internship mentors for a celebration in the late afternoon before heading home to our last night in Darjeeling. We have a flight the following day to Kolkata (Jacob’s birthday!!) for our last night on this continent.

Again, the company we keep makes this trip what it is. Your kids. My co-instructors. The community of West Bengal and Darjeeling. And how they all intersect. Overlapping. Rippling into each other’s lives.

Good night!