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Adios to Sichuan and Chongqing, Hello Yunnan

We are currently on the final stretches of an 18-hour train from Chongqing to Kunming. We finished our Monastary stay at Er Fo Si and are heading South of the Clouds. Chongqing was very very hot and sweaty and the cicadas were so loud that my hearing was affected. We learned about Buddhism and did meditation. In fact here is a picture of us doing a walking meditation. We had tea and talks with the abbot of the temple, who has had a very interesting life, and we practiced silence and ate vegetarian food with the monks in the canteen.

Today we will transfer to a train to Dali. Dali is a beautiful old town with Bai and Naxi ethnicity architecture and is a hotspot for young Chinese travelers. A lot of musicians, artists and Chinese hippies travel there and decide to stay there.

After a couple days at Dali the student expedition will begin. We think the students are planning a multi day trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge in northwest Yunnan. It’s an unbelievable hike and the students will plan the logistics, keep up curriculum and support each other. That last one is the main challenge for this group because our group has a large range of trekking abilities and trekking speeds.

Finally we will likely be retreating to a Daoist temple at Wei mountain and will stay there a couple days to do transference and to say goodbye to China and the group.

More soon!