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A Note on Social Networking

Dear Summer 2016 Travelers,

It’s great to see your Field Notes coming alive! This is a very exciting time of year for all of us, and while we understand that you’re likely anxious to meet your traveling companions, we have a request for you: please don’t direct your fellow travelers to social-networking sites (e.g., Facebook) before the course.
Let us explain: It is our intention to provide you with the best Dragons experience possible. Over the past 23 years, we’ve learned that that you will get the most out of your program if you’re able to make fresh introductions on the day your course begins. We welcome you to introduce yourself here, and we hope that you will use this site to voice your goals and intentions for the semester. At the same time, we’d like to avoid students forming any sort of “cliques” online before departing on the program. We certainly know that you can all find each other on Facebook, and while we cannot forbid such networking, we encourage you to abstain from doing so. Instead, we invite you to meet your group without pre-judgment and with a willingness to expose yourself to everything new, different, wild and other.
We hope that your pre-course preparations are going well. We look forward to connecting with you in a few weeks!
The Dragons Admin Team