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A Hunt Through Chaing Mai

Today, our third day in Chaing Mai we were set loose around the city and were given a scavenger hunt to do. After completing the tasks we had to do, we went to shop for things we wanted and to generally see the amazing city. We went to three different markets and walked almost all day. However, it was so worth it. Walking around this foreign city we saw sights that we only saw in movies. Women walking home from market with groceries to make her family’s meals, kids playing by the side of a parents booth selling precious jewelry or fabrics, and everyone riding motorcycles to and from work.

The phrase that Thailand is home to the nicest people is extremely true. When we had to navigate around on our own, it was easy to approach someone for directions. A monk came up to us in a market and asked about us and where we were from. Conversing is becoming easier and easier. With the help of our thai lessons, of course.

So far the most fun has been bargaining prices for goods. Even though we generally feel bad for the shop keepers, for the prices we bought things at theres no reason to be upset. They will sell you anything. Today I was offored monk robes by avendor even though I was clearly not Buddhist or a Thai monk. That is how badly they want to share their culture with us, and at a cheap price.

We have found two new loves in the world, or as one of our members put it, "Gods". One is fried bananas and the other is a Thai massage. My masseuse was a little on the thick side and it made her arms feel like a warm steam roller across my legs back face and anywhere else you could think of that would feel good. We were treated like kobe beef. In the end, I wanted nothing more than to take my masseuse home with me.

If there were any reason to come to Thailand, for those of you out there that are weary of traveling, it would be for the best massage of your life.

Wow we have seen and done so much already today we were by are selves and that was good butI have enjoyed the food the most. We have had all types of food but most are spicy; you take a bite of something and boom you are on fire or close to it. But its a good fire it clenses you out and lets you breathe.

Oh yeah before weforget we saw two elephants roaming the streets while in arotdang (a thai cab) usually at night but it was still amazing just to see a real live elephant.