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一路平安 Farewell

Andrew was the first to go a couple of weeks ago when his journey parted from the journey of the rest of the group. We wish him joy, belonging, and growth.
Next, during the student-led section of the trip, Joanna departed to prepare for college, which she begins in just under two weeks. We wish her knowledge, comaraderie, and meaningful work.
In the early morning today, Gali departed, headed back to Israel after a short layover in Beijing during which she hopes to see and climb Great Wall. We wish her confidence, belonging, and further challenges.
Gong separated at the airport on his way back to his home in Yunnan. He wished himself challenge, change, and higher self reliance as he seeks to live in a way that honors his principles.
Finally, the main group boarded the flight to Guangzhou. Piers enjoyed the first coffee of his 30-hour birthday. Others are re-read letters they wrote to their future selves at the beginning of the course. Others napped. Still others wrote personal messages in notebooks (or “yearbooks”) that each student will receive. As we wait to depart, we wonder what adventures we are headed into next, and we wonder how we will take the objects, ideas, lessons, and memories we gather on the Silk Road with us into future travels.